Bush Pilot's Mayday

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Hi folks just a quick note to let you almost finished my second book. Most of the text is completed but I have to do the layout for the photographs and maps. This project has been much more difficult than I originally thought it would be. All the photographs have to be converted from a colour image to black and white. But I'm hoping to have it completed early in April, and then the process of getting it edited, published and printed begins.


My first book, Bush pilots Mayday has been converted to an e-book and is  being distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and various other international outlets. Most major bookstores In Canada such as Cole's, Chapters, and Book World carry my book.This project to convert my paperback to an e-book has taken me in excess of 2 1/2 months and is currently being distributed@Lulu.com. You can buy both. The paperback is available at a discounted rate. If you decide to purchase the paperback I would suggest you use the FedEx courier system rather than the US postal system. It took me three days to get the book sent here via FedEx and it took me 24 days to get it via the U.S. Postal Service. more and more books are being produced as e-books The quickest way to download Bush pilots Mayday is to download the e-book at approximately 8 dollars a book. my book is currently available in Canada, The United States, India, South Africa, United Kingdom and various other parts of the world.


I will produce the second book which is the story of raising the 185 from the bottom of the Lake in northern Manitoba and flying at home. The photographs of this occurrence are the second photograph on Bush pilots Mayday.com. I hope you enjoy it as much as most of you enjoyed the second book.


The third book is the story of flying a DE Havilland beaver up to the high Arctic. Following the same path that Ron and I took in the first book except it is 30 years later and we had a most of the sophisticated navigational aids anyone could ask for. The photographs for this trip are spectacular. Most of them, in color, so I was contemplating doing a color book rather than the photographs being in black and white, but it makes the book more costly.The chapter layout is complete the big job now is to get the text to coordinate with the photographs.


The fourth book will be about my brother Harry. Harry was flying in the 625 squadron Lancaster bombers during the Second World War. I have his logbook is aerial photographs, and he was part of the dam busting squadrons set up to destroy the dams on the Danube and Rhine River. This is a very difficult book for me to write due to the large amount of lives lost on both sides. I would hope that we learn something from the tragedies of war? Well, that's about all I have regarding an update on my webpage as you can tell I'm not very good at keeping it up-to-date. I'll try to do better in the future.


Cheers Ken

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